The Well Condos by Tridel

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The Well is the most ambitious mixed-used endeavour in Canada, a bold reflection of Toronto’s energy and diversity, and an extension of the urban vibrancy of King West. Bordering Front, Spadina and Wellington, it is a mixture of retail, commercial and residential space in downtown Toronto that will host approximately 11,000 people on a daily basis who live and work at The Well. The design includes 1.1 million square feet of office space, 420,000 square feet of retail and food service and 1,700 residential units spread throughout seven buildings connected to a three-level retail base. Here, the idea of livability is real, with easy access to everything that Toronto demands, expects and deserves: transit, culture, wellness, sustainability, diverse food options, inspiring workplaces and curated entertainment.

The Well is a choreographed mix of urban experiences, dynamic architecture and interconnected public spaces. Thoughtful and purposeful design underpins everything it achieves. With a pedestrian-centred focus, The Well responds to some of the strongest desires of downtown Toronto today: walkability, community-building, the ability to create connections while seamlessly blending old and new. More than a collection of buildings, The Well is an amenity-rich, urban streetscape and a vital, fully functioning environment that puts the things people want most within easy reach. Perfectly situated at Front, Spadina and Wellington, The Well is a gateway to King West with established connections to public transit, airports, trains, buses and highways. A planned intercity GO Train stop on The Well’s doorstep connects professionals, visitors and residents to the city and the province. 


The Well’s location benefits from the proposed Rail Deck Park, bordering the southern edge of The Well. The proposed park will transform the unused area into Toronto’s next great green space and gathering place. The Well sets the stage for meaningful experiences that draw people from down the street and across the globe to eat, shop, work, live and play in Toronto. A feast for the senses awaits at a globalmeets-local, market-inspired food hall and inspired restaurant fare from chefs near and far. Reimagined retail and service concepts invite those who seek the extraordinary, with style trailblazers, fashion up-and-comers and established world-class brands. Bright, open-concept sustainable workspaces attract the next generation of tech, media, creative and digital innovators to take root and shape tomorrow. Green spaces, convenient pedestrian-first living and a year-round open-air covered promenade encourage exploration and discovery, creating a gathering space and building a stronger sense of community. An eclectic and ever-changing mix of contemporary events invites everyone to indulge in the unexpected. 

Materials used in the design were carefully considered to reflect the surrounding neighbourhoods, pulling visual cues from the existing architecture along King Street West. Multiple architects and visions came together to tell a cohesive architectural story that purposefully moves from red brick to wood to concrete as The Well flows west to east towards the financial district. Overhead, a soaring glass canopy responds to the unique seasonal diversity of Toronto, sheltering pedestrians as they move through The Well. This allows for year-round access to green spaces and the al fresco shopping and dining experience that people crave. Providing the space for 8,000 new office jobs, 1,300 new retail jobs and 1,700 residences across seven buildings, The Well is conceived as the evolution of King West. With the addition of transit, green spaces and new opportunities for eating, shopping, working, playing and living, The Well is a culmination of a series of small additions that elevate the area exponentially. It’s more than the sum of its parts. It’s the best of them, amplified. And it’s just what Toronto has been waiting for.

Transforming what was once the former offices of The Globe and Mail and its printing facility at 444 Front St, The Well is the vision of forward-looking companies and their realization for a master-planned community. The Well Development Team includes residential condominiums by Tridel, residential rentals by Woodbourne Capital Management and RioCan Real Estate Investment, and office and retail by RioCan Real Estate Investment and Allied Properties REIT.


  • 7.8 acres in downtown Toronto
  • 1,100,000 SF of new office space
  • 420,000 SF of new retail,
  • food and service space
  • 90,000 SF European-inspired food market
  • 35,000 SF glass canopy open-air walkways
  • 20,000 estimated daily traffic
  • 8,000 new office-related jobs
  • 1,300 new retail jobs
  • 1,700 condominium and purpose-built rental suites 7 distinct buildings including 1 iconic 36-storey office tower at the corner of Front and Spadina
  • 1/3 of total site area will be publicly accessible outdoor space
  • 959 bike spaces
  • 739 commercial vehicle stalls
  • 23 commercial EV charging stations 
  • 5 car share stalls 
  • 4 north-south pathways connecting Wellington Street and Front Street 
  • 1 linear park and promenade along Wellington Street 
  • 1 restaurant-lined public plaza 
  • 1 cat-themed park connecting Wellington Street to King Street West

The cities we build have to be sustainable and conducive to human wellness, diversity and creativity. Put differently, they have to elevate and inspire the humanity in all of us.


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At its heart, The Well is about fluidity, creativity and connectivity. Toronto craves venues and opportunities to explore and discover. Adamson Architects, HPA, BDP and Claude Cormier have woven opportunities for all throughout the master plan. A pedestrian-first design complements King West’s existing laneways, encouraging a seamless flow to, from, and within The Well. Special emphasis is placed on creating a fluid design that’s simple to navigate, enabling people to move easily throughout. An evolving material palette mirrors the transition from the urban vibrancy of King Street West to the hustle of the financial district. Bold brick and beam blend seamlessly with sophisticated applications of terracotta, glass and steel. A dramatic, sculptural glass canopy is suspended above the pedestrian spine of The Well, covering sixty percent of the main east-west connection. The canopy provides a year-round shield against the elements while enabling a permeable, outdoor experience. 

Exploration and discovery are at the heart of The Well experience. The Well is much more than a place to eat, shop, work, live and play. It’s the spirit of curiosity and trial that comes alive in vibrant, experiential retail o fferings. It’s the engaging and consciously planned indoor and outdoor community spaces that play host to novel programming, placemaking and events. It’s the collaborative and sustainable workspaces that attract and breed new ways of thinking and commerce. And it’s the masterfully planned food offerings, where the convenience of local favourites heightens the international flair of culinary innovation. Through this sense of experiential energy, the spirit of Toronto comes alive. The Well is where relationships transcend transactions, where exploration precedes expectation and where community and individuality thrive in unison through common experience and learning. 

The Well is built, quite literally, on a foundation of sustainability. The Well’s development team joined forces with Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave) to extend the existing Deep Lake Water Cooling and hot water distribution networks by building a new energy storage facility housed at The Well. This joint undertaking enables westward expansion of Enwave’s systems, giving both The Well and surrounding communities access to sustainable cooling and heating solutions. Enwave’s new thermal energy storage facility consists of two six-million-litre tanks underneath The Well. The tanks store 12 million litres of temperature-controlled water fed by Enwave’s existing Deep Lake Water Cooling system and a newly developed high-e fficiency hot water loop. As an anchor site, the installation serves The Well community and buildings in neighbouring areas, providing the first low-carbon, resilient cooling and heating option for the downtown west community.

Inspired by a mix of European food halls, fast casual eats, best of market and world-class restaurants, The Well is poised to represent the new wave of food. Anchored in the spirit of where food is grown and the people who nurture it, The Well celebrates every food occasion through a collision of elevated experiences and the fastest of casual. It’s an intentionally designed integration of culinary artists, creators and local farmers, perfectly balancing the celebration of homegrown local craft, convenient favourites and internationally inspired experiences. 

Through a first-of-its-kind take on urban retail in Canada, The Well introduces reimagined retail and service experiences for those who seek the extraordinary. Retail favourites, visionary flagships, culturally relevant pop-ups and experiential concepts ensure every transaction generates a story. Retail trailblazers, fashion up-and-comers and established world-class brands populate 420,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor retail space, attracting shoppers from far and wide, with ample parking for all. Plus, The Well is purposely designed to allow for ease of loading and unloading for retail businesses.

An integral part of an amenity-rich community, The Well’s workplace supports the next generation of tech, media, creative and digital innovators as they ignite ideas and push the limits. Workspaces are housed in buildings reflective of the industrial character of King West, and soar to new heights in the signature office tower at the corner of Front and Spadina. Floor-to-ceiling windows, displacement ventilation system and personal comfort controls all work to provide occupiers with a healthy and productive environment. An o ffset elevator core opens up the floor plates and enables workplace design solutions that balance collaboration and focus, yet remain adaptable to unique organizational needs. A commitment to environmental stewardship is foundational, and the tower’s unique design supports internal sky gardens and external sky terraces of green space. 

What is really fascinating is the mixture of uses that create this unique dynamic. The Well should mean many things to many people. There is this great synergy between all of those uses all in one place.

Adrian Price, BDP Architects

Green spaces, an open-air public promenade and an atmosphere of discovery come together in inspirational, centrally located residences that offer an extension of the King Street West lifestyle with a completely new take on downtown living. The Well features a mix of purpose-built rentals and condos in a people-centric designed environment that sparks curiosity to explore and try new things. Pedestrianfirst living encourages occupants of the 1,700 residential units to connect and interact with one another, gravitating towards The Well’s gathering spaces and building a stronger sense of community. With convenient access to services, food, entertainment, retail and work space, residents can experience the full spectrum of urban living without needing to leave.

The Well is grounded in a sense of curiosity and a common desire to learn and grow. Vibrant community spaces host a diverse collection of curated experiences, events and programming designed to spark discovery and ignite a sense of community. Retail and food service offerings are elevated into immersive experiences. Reflecting the diversity of the dynamic city it calls home, The Well brings locals and visitors – people from all walks of life – together to uncover and explore new facets of themselves and each other and their community.

Designing with neighbours The Well is conceived as an authentic extension of King Street West and the people and businesses that inhabit it. Once a month for two years, The Well development team met with community stakeholders to engage in a communal act of design. The impact of this consistent collaboration is felt throughout The Well, from the permeability of the interconnecting streets and alleys, to the animated public spaces and material palette that intentionally draws inspiration from its surroundings.

Site History

The Well was designed to celebrate the mixed-use legacy of the development site, which was throughout its history home to the military reserve, a 17th-century estate house and the buildings of the Telegram Publishing Company. The site’s southern border on Front Street West was also once home to Toronto’s shoreline, where the City had a vision to create a Parks and Gardens Plan for a public promenade.

The Well’s development site was originally part of the military reserve surrounding Fort York. The reserve lands were sold by the government after The War of 1812 to accommodate new growth as Toronto expanded westward. In 1837, Wellington Place was established, conceived as a grand, tree-lined boulevard that concluded in two public squares.

The site became an estate house in the 1830s, which was eventually turned into Loretta Abbey and used as a school. By the mid 1950s, the railway began expanding, spurring rapid industrial growth of the area, mainly on the heels of printing and garment industries. The neighbourhood’s residential dwellings were slowly replaced with the brick and beam warehouses that the King-Spadina district is known for today.

In 1959 the Telegram Publishing Company purchased the development site, on which the offices of The Globe and Mail and its printing facility were built. Industries remained the dominant land use in the King-Spadina neighbourhood for decades, but as the industries moved to the suburbs, the area saw a resurgence of retail, office and residential development.

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This is an opportunity for you to get FIRST ACCESS to Floor Plans, Pricing, and details on the Sales and Signing Process.

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